Welcome! Mindful Life Yoga is located in the heart of Brisbane’s Bayside. Set among the trees of our tranquil back garden, our studio offers a peaceful sanctuary from the busy hum of everyday life. Our classes are designed for people who are new to yoga and to those who enjoy a simple yet fulfilling practice.

We take a relaxed and mindful approach to our classes, which are limited to 4 people – giving you plenty of time and space to learn and find ‘your place’ in the asanas (yoga postures). Our class styles include Hatha yoga – where each asana (position) is held for approximately one minute, and Yin yoga - where each position is held for a few minutes with the aid of yoga props. You can find out more about these classes on our 'Classes' page.

Please book online if you would like to join us.


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Hello and welcome  – my name is Ruth.


I am a Yoga Instructor and an Ecologist with a passion for healthy, mindful living for ourselves and our planet. Being a scientist, I take an evidence based approach to my yoga practice - blending the ancient wisdom of yoga with the findings of modern science.

After growing up in NZ, I moved to Brisbane about 20 years ago for what was originally intended a working holiday. But the natural beauty (and climate) of southeast Queensland captured me. More than twenty years later I am still living on the shores of Quandamooka country.  Growing up and living in such beautiful natural surrounds gave me a love of nature which led me to completing a PhD in Marine Ecology. Besides teaching me about science – my studies also made me more mindful of our connection with nature and how our daily actions and choices affect that connection. Later, I learnt that Yoga also teaches us about connection – the connection between body, mind and breath and the connection between ourselves and all that is. My science journey also led me to meeting my husband and best friend, James, who has a keen interest in yoga and helps to manage our studio.

In recent years, we have started a family, and renovated a Bayside cottage which is where we practice Mindful Life Yoga. I first began practicing Yoga 10 years ago when we moved to the Bayside. At first I found some styles of yoga a little overawing. But persevering with some of the slower and gentler styles of yoga helped me to find more ease in the asanas. Fast forward to today and I can now feel the changes in my strength, flexibility and balance. In addition to the physical benefits, I am grateful for the inner calm and presence that yoga offers. Now that our studio is open, I am excited to be able to share all that I have learnt in our Yoga classes.